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A Year in Review: September 2009 May 2, 2010

Posted by maggieknight in A Year in Review.

I spent much of today organizing my apartment and sorting and filing assignments, notes, and so on from the academic year (which I finally finished on Thursday). It seems a good time to reflect on the past eight months. Here’s part one of eight.


The return to school was hectic, coordinating Power Shift Canada’s Recruitment Team with the lovely and talented Kimia Ghomeshi while settling into my new apartment.  Two lengthy Power Shift calls a week plus full time class made things a little crazy, but working with so many inspiring and dedicated people made it worthwhile. The PSC video contest and photo contest kick off.

How do we ensure that transitioning to localized food economies is done in a way that is affordable and accessible to everyone?

Questioning David Suzuki at Impact!

On campus, the SSMU Environment Committee started with a bang with the Strategic Planning for Sustainability session, complete with tasty eats left over from the McGill Food Systems Project‘s Film & Feast event. I started off a string of frequent weekends away with the Impact! Youth Leaders for Sustainability Conference in Guelph. McGill Residences hosted their first Local Food Day and Journalists for Human Rights McGill held its second successful Human Rights Train-the-Trainer program. And I got cranky with Max Silverman’s column.

At the UN climate change summit in New York, President Nasheed of the Maldives spoke eloquently about the impacts of climate change on his island nation: “Our country will not exist”.

Meanwhile, Stephen Harper opts to skip out on the proceedings of the summit in favour of a photo-op at a donut shop, sparking the campaign Harper Chooses Donuts Over Planet:

Around the world, citizens took part in Avaaz.org‘s Global Climate Wake-Up Call:

In other September 2009 enviro news:

Memorial becomes the second university to ban bottled water

Activists drop a 70ft banner off Niagara Falls to protest Tar Sands oil

Greenpeace blockades tar sands operations

A special edition of the New York Post announces “We’re Screwed



1. Kimia Ghomeshi - May 4, 2010

these reviews are great! keep them coming 😉

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