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Hailing from Victoria, BC, Maggie Knight grew up in the natural splendour of the West Coast, and has been passionate about the environment ever since. A McGill Environment & Economics student heading into her final year, Maggie is active in Canada’s youth climate movement, serving as National Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator for Power Shift Canada and sitting on the Executive Committee of the Sierra Youth Coalition, Canada’s largest youth environmental organization. She previously worked for the Sierra Youth Coalition and GoBeyond for two summers in BC, organizing training camps for youth sustainability leaders. She worked for two and a half years as Environment Commissioner for the Students’ Society of McGill University and in March 2010 was elected to SSMU Legislative Council as a representative for Clubs & Services. Maggie has also worked as a science communication intern concerning McGill Professor James Ford’s research on climate change adaptation in Canada’s arctic, and will spend Summer 2010 researching the policy relevance of Canadian climate change research conducted under the International Polar Year. As the incoming President of Journalists for Human Rights McGill, Maggie is also passionate about human rights and volunteers with local and national social justice organizations. A published journalist, Maggie is passionate about the power of the media to create social change.

Her innovation and leadership have been recognized by several awards, including a national Millennium Excellence Award, a Toyota EarthDay Award, and a Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Award. Maggie is passionate about local food, building the Canadian youth climate movement, sustainability governance, capacity-building, creating connections between like-minded people, and the power of media to create change.



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