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Suspending G20 Media Tracking July 1, 2010

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Just wanted to let you know that I will not be attempting to continue systematic media monitoring for G20 articles and videos. I hope that the post below will remain helpful, and that it served a useful role during the craziness of everything when reports were flowing in from all sides.

This is not to say that continued following of the issues raised at the G20 (inside and outside the fence, and particularly relating to the behaviour of police) is not worthwhile. Indeed, I think it is crucial. But I hope that now most people have the time to follow the media themselves (as well as to write with their thoughts to their elected representatives and join in rallies across the country), and I personally need to get back to my normal hours of full-time work and to have some time to digest all the things I have read and footage I have watched. I will be writing to various politicians and officials, and may share some of those letters here. I will also continue to add my voice to those of others calling for a public inquiry.

Have a happy and critical-thinking-filled Canada Day.


The World Is Watching: G20 Media Summary to Date June 28, 2010

Posted by maggieknight in G20.
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* Apologies for the current messiness of this post. I’ll try to clean it up shortly, but I need to put some time in at my paid job… Please feel free to add things I missed in the comments or email me at msdknight [at] gmail.com. Adding new stories and videos as they come to me. Last updated 12:00pm Thursday.*

Many people are still trying to make sense of the reports coming out of the G20, particularly concerning treatment of protesters and detainees. I am not in Toronto, so I am not the best news source, but I have been doing a bunch of media tracking. I can’t promise that this is an unbiased collection of stories – it is simply a collection of images and videos and articles I have found important and evocative and worthy of further thought or inquiry. I hope that this is helpful as many people try to understand what is going on.




There are very disturbing reports of conditions in the detention centre (temporary, formerly a film studio).

Two indy journalists report on the conditions: http://lexgill.com/2010/06/28/urgent-conditions-at-629-eastern-ave-illegal-immoral-dangerous/
Craig Kielburger (with CP24 news) interviews a woman just released: http://snardfarker.ning.com/video/g20-detention-center

Amnesty International has called for an inquiry into this weekend’s events: http://www.straight.com/article-331246/vancouver/amnesty-international-calls-review-security-measures-g8-and-g20-summits-ontario

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association “denounces the sweeping arrests at the G20”: http://ccla.org/2010/06/27/ccla-denounces-the-sweeping-arrests-at-g20/ and on Tuesday released an interim report: http://ccla.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/CCLA-G-20-INTERIM-REPORT-A-Breach-of-the-Peace-June-29-2010.pdf

This generally matches up with what friends engaging in peaceful protest as part of the youth climate movement have been telling me. Some of them speak of their experience here: http://torontoist.com/2010/06/g20_eastern_avenue_detention_centre.php

Rabble.ca has a number of videos of interviews with detainees after their release:

Twenty people, ranging from students to mayoral candidates and activists to bystanders, talk about their experience in detention: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/torontog20summit/article/829921–i-will-not-forget-what-they-have-done-to-me?bn=1

Here McGill student Dana Holtby tells of her experiences in detention: http://toronto.mediacoop.ca/blog/dana-holtby/3948

Here is an anonymous account from two twin sisters who tell of sexual misconduct by police: http://toronto.mediacoop.ca/story/readers-stories-4-detention-conditions/3958

Here is a video from the rally outside Toronto Police HQ on Monday evening, in which people who were detained speak of their experiences:

(If you have trouble understanding the audio, the basics are covered in this article: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/293976)

There are now photos from an official press tour of the Eastern Ave detention centre here: http://www.blogto.com/city/2010/06/inside_the_g20_eastern_avenue_detention_centre/
The report includes the statement “Contrary to published reports we were told that all female prisoners were strip searched by female officers.”  It also states that 700 of the 900 arrested were let go without charge. Here are two of the photos:

I have yet to see any statement by any politicians on this – many on Twitter are saying that the silence is deafening.

There are several videos of police being violent with apparently peaceful protesters. In one of the most poignant, the crowd sings “O Canada”, the police wait until they finish and then charge them:

Here’s the view from inside the crowd:

Here a small group of people are surrounded by cops and people are occasionally violently pulled from the crowd. Police tell them to go home, they say “how? you have us boxed in?”. The cameraman appears to be bleeding from a police officer’s shield hitting his face. http://mynews.ctv.ca/mediadetails/2886697?collection=742

Others can be seen here: http://toronto.mediacoop.ca/video/compilation-videos-about-police-violence/3897

Here is a video of police vastly outnumbering protesters and using “kettling” to move and condense the crowd:

Report of peaceful protesters being arrested outside the Novotel Hotel (where they were staging a peaceful street sit-in), including an audio file report from a friend of mine: http://toronto.mediacoop.ca/audio/police-have-arrested-estimated-100-peaceful-protesters/3854 His photos of the weekend, including this event, are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/powless/sets/72157624260182359/

Here are two chaotic videos. The end of the second video includes text about police brutality at the detention centre:

Police fire “muzzle blast” at protesters rallying outside detention centre (“jail solidarity”) http://www.thestar.com/videozone/829371–police-fire-muzzle-blast-at-protestors

Longer video of jail solidarity rally, including people being grabbed out of the crowd:

CP24 News covered some of the arrests from outside the detention centre:

There are a lot of people reporting “snatch squad” detainments of people, often just off the side of the road and into unmarked cars. This appears to be one such incident:

Eyewitness accounts from union leaders, filmmakers, and a member of the Sierra Youth Coalition: http://rabble.ca/news/2010/06/eyewitness-accounts-police-brutality-and-indiscriminate-arrests

Here is footage of a group being followed down a street by police beating their batons against their shields and occasionally breaking into a run: http://www.opensourcecinema.org/media/g20-1-malchevic-mov

In this video, a woman says mounted police nearly trampled her in her wheelchair and that she was protected by several male protesters:

Here is an account of violence against a No One Is Illegal march: http://openfile.ca/blog/g20-reflections-when-blood-started-flow




Criticisms of police have come from media who were eye witnesses and, sometimes, bore the brunt of things or were arrested, often despite showing their g20-accredited media passes. Several of the accounts below are summarized here.

TVO’s Steve Paikin saw a fellow journalist punched in the stomach and elbowed in the back as about 100 peaceful protesters were arrested: http://www.tvo.org/cfmx/tvoorg/theagenda/index.cfm?page_id=3&action=blog&subaction=viewpost&blog_id=43&post_id=12960

Here Steve Paikin talks about those events on Real News:

This journalist, Jesse Rosenfeld, is interviewed here, as is Naomi Klein: http://www.democracynow.org/2010/6/28/journalist_describes_being_beaten_arrested_by

Footage of a Real News journalist’s confrontation with police: 

Two National Post reporters spent the night in detention: http://news.nationalpost.com/2010/06/27/12572/

A CTV producer was also arrested and held for 6 hours: http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20100627/g20-arrested-accounts-100627/20100627/?hub=TorontoNewHome

Short clip of riot police yelling at media: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYppd2OsXoE

From Toronto Community Mobilization Network press conference Monday morning with Jesse Rosenfeld, Amy Miller, Adam MacIsaac, and Sharmeen Khan, talking about police use of force against media:


Adam MacIsaac says a stun device was used on him even though he was screaming that he has a pacemaker, was handcuffed to hospital bed while receiving medical assistance: http://vimeo.com/12924829

Amy Miller says she was told she would be repeatedly raped so she would never want to be a “journalist” again: